Hi everyone, new release time. I originally made Sleeping… in Jan 2012 as part of a track a day project. It was online for a bit but I always felt it should be a single in its own right. I had planned to get some vocalists involved and do some more versions but this was a challenge due to the tempo shifting nature of the mixes I had already. Of course, if anyone is up for adding their voice to it, get in touch. Ariginal Gaster is a track with an even longer history, starting as a side project with a bass player I knew then becoming part of the abandoned DFF The Grid EP again it was another track I didn’t want just getting lost, hence it’s inclusion here. I’ll warn you now, track one is pretty heavy going, it’s seven and a half minutes long for a start and very deep but stick with it. Little teaser from my soundcloud below and the 3 track release can be streamed/purchased here.

Creativity as competition

I don’t go in for remix competitions that often (RemixFight was a totally different ball game, one that I continue to dip my toe into via CCMixter) but thought I’d get involved in the latest one over at Indaba. There is a part of me that doesn’t really enjoy the concept of what is ‘best’ and to be honest, with the amount of entries I’ve a feeling mine will get lost along the way. It’s a pretty strange version that I’ve done and nothing like the many pop/club/d’n’b/reggae/chilled mixes that are more likely to win the popular vote. I’ve described mine as a hip hop mix but there are elements of dub and broken beat in there as well, any advice as to where it should be placed within the musical spectrum much appreciated! You can hear my version here but please note the player doesn’t seem to work on mobiles for some reason.

Obviously I’ll still be fully involved in doing loads of NinjaJamm re-edits and a lot of what I said above is a massive contradiction to my wins there.




ccMixter – Constellations of Music Secret Mixter

Just a quick one, but go check the featured playlist at ccMixter for their current secret mixter celebrating 12 years. You may be aware of my history with ccMixter/remixfight. If not, I’ll bore you another time.

I’ve got some time off so going to catch up with all the entries this week.


Irrupt remix comp

So for those that missed it on my other social channels, I came 3rd in the latest NinjaJamm/Irrupt Audio remix competition. Pretty exciting as this meant my remix was pressed to a one off dubplate.



The official announcement can be read on the irrupt Facebook page or on the Ninjajamm page. There is also a great little video showing the dubplates being cut.

Anyway, my remix is below, enjoy.

Big thanks to the NinjaJamm crew for setting up the competition and Irrupt team for putting up with my emails!




So, long time again not posting. Busy again with real life I guess. So, here’s a quick roundup of things you may have missed.

  • Did a cheeky re-edit of a track off the Irn Mnky album (go buy the original here)
  • Started work on another edit which may be connected to a kid called Harry
  • Continued work on Binary Bookend, it’s a long trip
  • Posted 101thoughts up on my bandcamp (but you knew that already, right)
  • Posted a fair few its on Allihoopa, which is fun.
  • There’s also  a few new bits on my Soundcloud, some Ninjajamm based, some work in progress snippets from Nanostudio.

I should have an announcement on something next week, keep an eye on twitter most likely for that.

Until next time,


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Evening all,


So my Eskar/Marc7/Irn Mnky remix (as mentioned on my last post) been featured on a hefty playlist from Tosh on Soundcloud. Thought I’d give it a post here as I could run the risk of getting lost amongst the 5 1/2 hours of music, in over 60 tracks, it contains. My mix is track 48 if your interested, check out the whole playlist below.